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What is Port Ambrose?

Port Ambrose is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) port proposed just miles from Jones Beach and New York Harbor. Liquefied natural gas is natural gas that has been super-chilled to negative 260 degrees, turning it into a liquid a tiny fraction of its original volume for shipment overseas in tankers the length of the height of the Empire State Building. While presenting it as an import facility, the company building Port Ambrose would likely convert it to export fracked gas overseas, where demand is greater and prices higher.

Port Ambrose would:

  1. Increase the demand for fracked gas.

  2. Endanger our beaches, ocean ecology, tourism, and fishing industry.

  3. Present a potential terrorist target.

  4. Prevent the development of a wind farm proposed for the same area.

The federal government (the Maritime Administration and U.S. Coast Guard) is reviewing the project, but both Governor Cuomo and Governor Christie have the authority to veto Port Ambrose. Three Parks urges all New Yorkers to call on Governor Cuomo to do so.

What is Hydrofracturing?

A method of drilling for natural gas that requires literally millions of gallons of fresh water that become polluted and highly toxic in the process. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) predicts that in the coming years, 3,000 to 6,000 gas wells could be drilled in the City's watershed area, and more statewide.

How does it destroy water?

Into each of those gas wells will be pumped 3 to 8 million gallons of water and 80 to 300 tons of chemicals depending on well size and depth. The water comes from streams and rivers or is pumped from underground. This water resurfaces from the wells highly toxic. There is no way to prevent it from eventually polluting more water.

Isn't it illegal?

No. In the 2005 Energy Bill, then Vice President Cheney, acting on behalf of major gas extracting corporation Halliburton, arranged for this process to be exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Super-fund Law and the Right-to-Know Act, among other regulations.

Who is for it?

Oil and gas companies, and some property owners who can sell drilling rights on their land.

What do we want

A ban on hydro-fracturing in New York State and throughout the U.S. Immediately bring this process under the jurisdiction of all applicable federal laws.

Is there an alternative?

Yes. Wind, solar and hydropower are non-polluting.


Click Here: NY Times Announcement

And Here: Food and Water Watch Announcement

Daily Kos Analysis

Elevated methane levels in Manhattan
due to leaky Con-Ed gas lines.

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See the amazing rap video that has gone viral.
"My Water's On Fire Tonight"

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The video is preceded by a short ad. Sorry. Daily News site.


NY State has 19 staff people to police 13,684 existing conventional gas wells. Now they want to add thousands more hydrofractured wells.
Learn more.

If video is not running, click above for gas fracturing slide show. 2 minutes. No sound.

If slides don't run on your computer, here for YouTube version.

Click here for extra high definition version.


"Now on PBS" show about Gasland
(23 minutes)

The full length Gasland
1 hour and 42 minutes

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America's Fossil Fuel Fever
The Nation March 19th, 2012
The Next Drilling Disaster
The Nation June 21, 2010

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Huge Liquified Natural Gas Port Planned for Long Island

Contact Cuomo before March 16th.

Read More here.

Click Here: Port Ambrose Fact Sheet

New Study Finds Gas Emissions As Bad As Coal

Coal gets all the attention for the carbon it emits at power plants, but natural gas is even worse, a Cornell University professor's latest research suggests.
Read it here

Considering Boiler
Conversion to Gas?

Read This
Informative Brochure

The industry is presenting gas as the new lowest cost fuel for heating buildings. Many co-op and condo board members are unaware of the financial pitfalls, hidden costs and unstable prices that gas conversion entails.

Read the Three Parks letter to the Hudson River Trust regarding the Spectra pipeline here.

Towns Win Right
to Ban Fracking

Times Article Here

This case clearly will go up the courts, maybe even to the Supreme Court, as it could impact many issues around the country dealing with state vs. city and local vs. individual property rights.

Although the comment period on the State's draft EIS is over, you can and should write to Governor Cuomo today to demand a ban on fracking in New York State. Click here to find a suggested text you can use as a model to handwrite or email a note. Click here to send your letter to the Governor. Thanks for taking action!

September 2011 - read the Executive Summary (29 pages) of the State's new Draft Environmental Impact Statement. It explains how New Yorkers can all get good jobs poisoning each other safely. Click here.

Important New Report from the Columbia University Urban Design Research Seminar. "HANCOCK & THE MARCELLUS SHALE"
"Visioning the Impacts of Natural Gas Extraction Along the Upper Delaware."

Download a PDF copy here

The national organization Food and Water Watch has joined the campaign against hydraulic fracturing. Read their excellent research report here. 7/19/10

Report on our 2010 and 2011 meetings with the Governor's staff here.


E-Mail Gov. Cuomo Here
Tell him that a new environmental impact statement is required and that all existing permits and the issuance of new ones must be suspended until that happens. Add that hydrofracturing must be banned in NYS.

E-Mail Sen. Schumer Here
Remind him that the Halliburton Loophole bill, S. 1215, must come out out of the Environment and Public Works Committee.

E-Mail Sen. Gillibrand Here
Same message as above.

Download Letter to Gov. Cuomo

Download Letter to Congress Members

Download Club Leaflet


Volunteer with Three Parks


Testimony at the 11/30/11 DEC Hearing

Gas Worse Than Coal NY Times 4/12/11

NY Times Extensive Study

PBS Special - Gasland

Download Three Parks Fact Sheet

Download Three Parks Glossary

Club Resolution

NYC DEP Presentation

NYC DEP calls for ban

NY State Draft Impact Statement

Kill the Drill Coalition
Office of Borough President Stringer. Good video here.

Threat in Syracuse

Good video from upstate
Takes a few moments to load after clicking lower left.

Sierra Club Susquehanna
Much helpful information.

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