The $3 Billion Amazon Giveaway


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Map of the area to be occupied by Amazon. Areas marked Public are owned by the City. The DOE area belongs to the NYC Department of Education. Aerial view of the Amazon site

de Blasio explains it all NYT Op-Ed. 2/18/2019

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Queens Victory Rally 2/14/2019

Scroll down for excellent video by Senator Gianaris

The site viewed from the East River. Note the new construction in the background. The Mayor and Governor claimed this area to be a blighted slum to remove it from any public review of their Amazon deal. This waterway, the Anable Basin, runs into the East River in the center of the site.
This artist's rendering, and the one on the right, were presented by Plaxall Realty, one of two companies that had proposed to build 6,000 appartment units on the site, of which 1,500 were to be "affordable." A similar Plaxall rendering of what it proposed to build here before the land was taken for Amazon. Note that the tall grey apartment building at the rear left already exists.