The Census Needs You Now

Looking for a way you can make a real difference, even while you are cooped up at home? Talk to your friends and neighbors about the 2020 Census! The Census has been extended to August 14th and will probably be further extended until October.

The 2020 Census is extremely important. Counting everyone is vital. If there is an undercount, New York City and New York State could suffer. We could lose one or more seats in Congress. We could lose billions of dollars in federal aid for education, hospitals, Medicaid, senior care, affordable housing, and more.

In March the Census Bureau sent questionnaires to every household in the country. Maybe you have filled out your form and returned it. But as of mid-April only about 40 percent of New Yorkers had returned their census forms. The Census Bureau had planned to follow up with street canvassing and sending census workers door to door. But now, of course, those plans have had to be dropped.

We can help. We can phone our friends and neighbors and remind them to complete their forms. We can tell them how to do so online or by phone. We can assure them that the Census does not ask about citizenship, and that the information they provide will not be shared with any other government entity. And we can ask them to forward census information to their family members and friends by email, or to post that information on their social media pages.

Important: NYC Residents who are currently away from the City should complete the form with their NYC address. NYC revenue and representation depend on an accurate NYC count.

Complete the form in minutes from the safety of home.
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No Internet access? You can call the Census and be counted by phone. Call (844) 330-2020. Expect a wait time.

Join the Campaign to help the Census.
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3 Parks Members Phone Script

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NYC Census Support Page.
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Census Response Rates
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What NYS has to lose Video

Short Census Video

Sample Census Form
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