Results of Endorsement Vote For Assembly
February 14th2024

Results of Endorsements Made on
February 21st 2024

United States Congress
Adriano Espaillat 13th District
Jerrold Nadler 12th District

New York State Senate
Cordell Cleare, Senate Dist. 30
Brad Hoylman-Sigal Senate Dist. 47

District Leader
Theresa Canter

Democratic State Committee
Lynn Thomas
Douglas Kellner

Civil Court Judges
Allison Greenfield
Louis L. Nock
Malaika Scott-McLaughlin
Ralph L. Wolf

Judicial Delegates
Alan Flacks
Elizabeth Kellner
Aaron Mendelsohn
Josh Pepper
Deborah Thomas

Alternate Judicial Delegates
Elaine Hazzard
Susan Maderer
Alfred Placeres
Stephanie Tegnazian
Doug Whelan
Anthony Zak

2024 Candidate Endorsement Schedule

At our January 10 and February 14 Club meetings, and an extra Club meeting on February 21,
Three Parks will hear candidates for state and local offices in the 2024 elections,
and then holding endorsement votes. There will also be candidates for Democratic Party posts
and the election of the 2024-2025 Three Parks Board on March 13.

Candidates for each office will be invited to speak at the meetings and to take questions from Club members.
Here is the tentative schedule:

Check the Three Parks website and your email for the final schedule.?

Candidate Biographies are on the Candidates page.