Join or Pay Three Parks Dues On Line


Instructions: This is a three part process. Your dues must be paid through PayPal. Just follow the instructions.

Fill out the form below and click the "Submit" button. This will take you to the next page where you check the amount you are sending and then click the "Donate" button which takes you to PayPal where you pay with your credit card.

You don't need to join PayPal or have an account there, much as they may wish that you do. Just click on "Donate with debit card or credit card."

Why so many steps? The problem is that PayPal is designed to sell you a tooth brush, not to collect dues for an organization. For example, it won't tell us if you are a new member, let you add an additional family member or send us your phone number. If we don't collect that information on our own, we can't get it.

Note: For new members only, dues paid in the last three months of the year will be credited to both the remainder of the present year and all of the following year. New members may vote in Club procedures after one month of membership.

If you have any questions call Steve at
(646) 342-4489

2024 Dues Schedule

Thank you.