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Three Parks Campaign

Take Back Congress Phone Bank

Monday, July 12th

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The phone bank is to call Republican voters in Republican New York congressional districts to discuss with them our concerns about threats to Medicare and Social Security, and to inform them of the the role Representative is playing.


Learn about how the Affordable Care Act strengthens the Medicare perscription drug benefit.

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And also here.

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A system of Universal Health Care in New York state is closer then ever. Assemblyman Richard Gottfried has been proposing this for years and it has passed for years. The block has always been the Senate.

Now for the first time, all the elected Democratic state senators (except for one ) are supporting the New York Health Act
(A. 4738 / S. 4840.)

This act will implement truly universal health care and eliminate financial barriers to care, while allowing people to go to the doctor and hospital of their choice.

Private insurance, co-pays, premiums and deductables are eliminated. The plan is financed by a progressive income tax. It iv very similar to Medicare.

Like the rest of the industrialized world, it will give New Yorkers access to health care without fear of bankruptcy. It will treat health care as a human right, not a commodity for those who can afford to pay.

Our Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has voted against all Trump appointments so far.

Please thank her. Click Here

Trump Poems

Read more at The NY Times

Well now, Kellyanne Conway has lately conceived
Of a new understanding of what to believe
When the truth gives you heartburn, donít worry, relax
You can always resort to alternative facts!

Oh it works for the Donald and all of his hacks
As they go íbout promoting their retrograde acts
Donít fret if your documentation is lax
You can always get by with alternative facts!

Submit your own (short) poem to this page.

Excellent statement from our Congressman Jerry Nadler here