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Three Parks Independent Democrats has been an active participant in Upper West Side politics for more than 45 years. In addition to endorsing and working for candidates who demonstrate ability and progressive convictions, we organize phone banks, postcard writing, and canvassing trips to take back Congress and the White House. We participate in rallies, protests, and other events. Join us today to make Three Parks your political home.

Meetings and Upcoming Events
Club Activities


Help Boost Voter Turnout and Defend Our Democracy! Reach out to voters with crucial candidate and voting information.

Weekend Sidewalk Tabling

W. 104th St. & B’way, NW corner, every Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 to 3:00 PM, from now until Election Day.
RSVP here
Contact: Lorraine Zamora at

Weekday Morning
Sidewalk Tabling

W. 96th St. & B’way, every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 to 9:00 AM from Oct. 18 until Election Day.

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Contact: Chuck Wall at

Send Postcards to Voters

Pick up pre-stamped postcards with instructions at W. 104th St. & B’way, SW corner, every Monday and Thursday from 4:30 to 6:00 PM. Return completed cards to the same location. Reach out to voters in key swing districts to help Democrats hold the House!

Contributions for postage
are (more than) welcome.

RSVP here
Contact: Lynn Max

Campaign for Max Rose at the
Staten Island Ferry

Tuesdays Oct. 11, 18, 25, and Nov. 1 from 4:30 to 6:00 PM inside the Staten Island Ferry terminal in Lower Manhattan.

Rose is running for his former seat in Congress against a first-term Republican who voted against certifying Biden’s victory in 2020 and who refuses to defend reproductive healthcare rights. Staten Island is New York City’s only swing district, and a victory for Rose could help determine control of the House.

RSVP here
Contact: Irene Schrier at

Canvass in Nassau County
for Robert Zimmerman

Weekends starting Sunday, Oct. 2 until Election Day: On Oct 2, meet at the West 96th St. subway station at 1:00 PM. We will take the 1:45 PM LIRR train from Penn Station to Great Neck, returning about 6:30 PM. Additional dates and times to be announced.

Progressive Democrat Robert Zimmerman is running for Congress in northern Nassau County against a Trump Republican who was present at the January 6 insurrection rally, opposes choice and says the 2020 election was stolen. A victory in this crucial swing district could help Democrats hold a majority in the House.

We will also be supporting State Sen. Anna Kaplan (Dist. 7), whose district overlaps Zimmerman's. She holds similar values and is in a tough but winnable race.

Contact: Wendy Diller at

PA Canvass for Susan Wild

Saturday, Oct. 15 and Sunday, Oct. 23. All-day events in Lehigh County, PA. Transportation arrangements to be announced. Volunteer car drivers needed.

Democrat Susan Wild is running for re-election to Congress in a Pennsylvania swing district. In office since 2019, she considers Roe v. Wade a legal precedent and a constitutional right, and voted for the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would enshrine women’s reproductive freedom into federal law.

Wild’s campaign is a must-win fight against a well-funded Republican opponent, and the outcome will help determine whether Democrats retain control of the House.

Contact for Sat. Oct 15: Daniel Tsadok at
Contact for Sun. Oct. 23 Ellen Flax

Canvass Upstate
for Josh Riley

Saturday, Oct. 29. All-day event in upstate New York. Transportation arrangements by train or car to be announced. Volunteer car drivers needed.

Josh Riley is a proudly progressive Democrat running for Congress in the 19th district, which runs from Columbia, Sullivan, and Greene counties in the east all the way west to Ithaca in Tompkins County. Newly redistricted, it is considered an open seat and an electoral toss-up. Riley is campaigning to defend and strengthen our democracy, to strengthen the economy to benefit everyone, to protect women’s reproductive healthcare rights, and to keep communities safe from gun violence.

Contact: Miriam Rabban at

ALERT: Zoning Change 110th St.

Read Three Parks Statement here

See the proposed map here

State Committee Member Dan Cohen Letter here

Zoning Update

Attention residents of
109th and 110th Streets near Broadway.
This area faces up-zoning for highrise development.

A large study promoting the above very bad plan for our neighborhood, has just been released (May 2021). Read it here

There are obvious and apparently deliberate deceptions in this report. The report discusses at great length the extensive community involvement in the planning process, saying that all "neighborhood stakeholders" were involved. Actually only people from the areas further North of us that will benefit from down-zoning were involved in planning. In the area between 109th and 110th Streets, where the building height will be raised, no one was consulted, least of all Three Parks. In 2004, Three Parks led a successful down-zoning campaign to preserve the character of our neighborhood and protect the existing affordable housing.

On page 171, there is a map that labels the 109th to 110th Street area as "Affordable Housing Near Transit." Reading the text instead of just looking at the pictures, makes clear that what is actually planned for these sites are three 24 story luxury apartment towers with a total of about 673 apartments of which roughly 25% would be "affordable." "Affordable" means reserved for families with an annual income under $90,960. Note also that the law allows the affordable units to be created within a mile of the site.

Click here and scroll down to number seven to hear Scott Stringer describe what must be done to get affordable housing in NYC.

Next Club Meeting

Wednesday,October 12th
8:00 PM


Wednesday, October 12, 2022, at 8:00 pm

Focus on Key Long Island Races
NYS Sen. Anna Kaplan
District 7 (northwestern Nassau County)

Abortion Rights and the Midterms
Jara Butler
Chief Impact Officer Supermajority

The November Ballot Proposals

Allie Swiatek
Voter Assistance Advisory Committee

Join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Click here

You may also either click on the link below or paste it into your browser:

 If you are asked for a PASSWORD, enter: 985398

You may also join by using your phone to dial in. Phone-in number: 1 929 205 6099

Meeting ID: 830 7405 5445

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Our Issues

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Natural Gas Fracking
Hydraulic Fracturing

Three Parks supports a legislated ban on fracking. The fracking process pollutes vast quantities of water, a non-renewable resource. Millions of gallons of water are treated with toxic chemicals and then pumped into each gas well to force out the gas. We have worked with many allies, especially Food and Water Watch, to successfully pressure Governor Cuomo to issue a state ban on this method of extracting gas. However, a future governor could rescind the ban, which is why the legislature must act to pass it into law. Click here for more information.


Three Parks supports all efforts to strengthen and expand Rent Stabilization and to renew the rent regulations that will expire in 2019. We oppose the Mayor’s plan for a blanket upzoning of residential neighborhoods including ours. This is simply a bribe for developers to build a few units of “affordable” housing in exchange for more stories of luxury apartments, while at the same time, City government looks away as landlords drive out thousands of rent stabilized tenants.

Charter Schools

Three Parks opposes the expansion of charter schools in New York City and their co-location in public school buildings. We do not believe that charter schools are public schools of a different kind. In fact, they are private schools of a different kind - with public funding but no public accountability. They are a detriment to public education.

Health Care

Three Parks supports Medicare for All (Single Payer) health care nationally and in New York State. The New York Assembly has passed the “New York Health Act” universal health care bill (A. 5062 S. 3525). New York Health would provide universal, comprehensive health care to all New Yorkers without premiums, co-pays, deductibles, or limited provider networks. It would be paid for by a progressive income tax. According to an analysis by U. Mass/Amherst Economics Department Chair Gerald Friedman, 98% of New Yorkers would spend less for health coverage and health care under New York Health than they do today. New York would save over $70 billion by eliminating the administrative costs and profits that now go to private health insurance companies, and by negotiating pharmaceutical and medical device prices.

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